So how much does a lighting upgrade cost?

If you have an office or plant complex that is primarily fluorescent tubes, budget $1.50/square foot. Payback is between 2 – 4 years depending on how many hours per day you operate your business.

If you have a commercial set up like a restaurant that mainly uses screw in light bulbs, it is about $0.70/square foot. In this case the payback is between 1 – 2 years.

Note that every place is different – and a site visit is required to give you an accurate estimate. In many cases, the costs will be lower.

Note that these prices include: bulb and ballast disposal, dust and clean of fixtures, replacement of any worn parts/wiring, and clean up. When Shand Power leaves your site, it was like we were never there! You only notice better lighting and peace of mind knowing your lighting system is as good as new.

All replacement bulbs and tubes are guaranteed for two years. If they just quit working, we’ll come out and replace them at no charge to you. Better us on the ladder than you or your staff – you folks can concentrate on running your business and making $.

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